Trombinoscope | Dr Daniel B. Mukadi

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Dr Daniel B. Mukadi
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Ministère de la Santé - MSP
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Coordination EOC
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Education: Medical Doctor (UNIKIN, 2010), Specialist in Microbiology/Virology (UNIKIN, 2017), PhD student (ITM, Antwerp, Belgium) Skills: Hospital Practitioner, polyglot Researcher (English-French) with technical and scientific skills in Virology, Molecular Biology, Bacteriology, Immunology and Vaccine Preventable Diseases. Suitable for Lab Coordination, management, deployment and set up (Outbreaks and/or potentially epidemic diseases, Molecular Biology, Virology, Bacteriology, Serosurveys). Skills in the transmission of Knowledge/knowhow in Molecular Biology, Virology, Bacteriology, Lab deployment, Lab Management and setting up, Grant and Project redaction for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Field of research and interest:

 - Epidemiology/Ecology of emerging viruses (Ebolavirus, Hantavirus) at Human-animal interface

 - Ebola diagnostics tools (Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Point-of-Care) in the Lab and in the Field

- Genetic diversity of HIV, HBV, HCV among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)

 Publications: 9 Peer-review publications, many posters and Oral communications Current Position:

- Field Coordinator of INRB Ebola mobile Labs in Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Nord-Kivu, Sud-Kivu and Ituri (11 Mobile Laboratories)

- Lab Coordinator for NIH/LEIDOS RCT-PALM I and II Ebola Project

- Lab Focal point for Ebola National Survivors Program in DRC

- Field and Lab Supervisor in charge of MSM research team, Department of Microbiology,  Kinshasa Teaching School of Medicine, UNIKIN, DRC

- Research Assistant, Ebola Reservoir Lab, Department of Virology, INRB, Kinshasa, DRC

- PhD Student, ITM, Antwerp, Belgium

Mentors: Prof Dr Jean- Jacques MUYEMBE (INRB/UNIKIN) : Professor Dr Steve AHUKA MUNDEKE (INRB/UNIKIN): Dr Johan Van Griensven (ITM):